Client Testimonial: Divorce

If a close friend were looking for a lawyer, I would tell them to look no further. Mccart & Tesmer knows how to get the task done!

I was looking for an attorney to divorce my husband due to infidelity. I chose McCart & Tesmer because I felt comfortable when meeting with Laurel (Tesmer) to discuss her assisting me, so I never spoke to another firm. I am so glad I chose McCart & Tesmer, they’re the best!

What I liked and valued most, about my interaction, with your firm is that everyone always made me feel like family.

I had been concerned about receiving a listening ear, being understood, having quick return calls and emails, getting a fair settlement, and having the divorce finalized, as soon as possible. I felt very comfortable speaking with Laurel (Tesmer). She always listened to me, no matter the issue, never made me uncomfortable, and was very compassionate. 

My calls and emails were always returned in a timely manner. I wish the divorce would have been finalized sooner, but legally, we had to wait it out. I could not have been in finer hands!

Post-Divorce Checklist: 7 Steps for Success After Your Divorce

You did it! Your divorce has been finalized. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for surviving that process. Your fresh start is on the horizon. To help you begin your fresh start, we have compiled a checklist of common action items following a divorce.   
  1. Review Your Final Judgment
    • Create a list of the items you and your ex-spouse need to complete 
    • Calendar deadlines for each item that must be met
  2. Close Joint Accounts
    Joint accounts include bank accounts, credit cards, and utilities, and may include removing a spouse from joint real estate pursuant to the final judgment.
  3. Update Insurance Coverage
    • Property Insurance: remove the property you no longer own and add the property you now have
    • Automobile: be sure to remove any vehicles you no longer own
    • Life insurance: update beneficiaries which may include removing your spouse as beneficiary (unless otherwise ordered in your final judgment)
    • Medical, dental, vision, accident
  1. Name Change (if included in your Final Judgment)*
    • Order at least two certified copies of the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage
    • Take a certified copy of the Final Judgment to the Social Security Administration to change the name associated with your social security number
    • Take your new social security card or temporary card to the DMV for your new license
    • Keep a certified copy for your records
  2. Contact Account Holders To Update Your Name:
    • Professional Licenses
    • Bank Accounts
    • Credit Card Accounts 
    • Utilities 
    • Medical records

*Changing a name after divorce can become complicated, and the attorneys at McCart & Tesmer, P.A. are ready to help. For a free consultation to discuss your matter, please call (813) 498-2757 or email Read more about the process in our blog, “Name Change After Divorce.”

  1. Taxes

Schedule an appointment with your accountant or a CPA (a Certified Public Accountant) to determine which filing status is most beneficial to you. Read our blog, 7 Family Law Tips For Managing Tax Season, to prepare for your meeting ahead of time.

  1. Update Your Estate Plan 
    • Remove prior designations naming your ex-spouse
    • Nominate a guardian for minor children
    • Create a trust to control the money that you plan to pass to children to prevent an ex-spouse from receiving and managing funds left to your children

The lawyers at McCart and Tesmer can help you sort out many of the complexities of your family’s restructuring after divorce, from time-sharing and decision-making to child support and everything in between. We can give you the tools necessary for your new journey. For further questions regarding post-divorce plans, please contact us at McCart & Tesmer, P.A.