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pet custody, who gets to keep the dog after divorce, equitable distribution

Pet Custody After Divorce: Who Gets the Dog?

We consider our pets family. Unfortunately, Florida state law says, when a couple divorces, pets are to be treated as property rather than children. Read about the process of equitable distribution and what you need to know about keeping your pet in a divorce.

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Going to Family Court: What to Expect

The Tampa-based family law attorneys at McCart & Tesmer put together a list of what you may incur during a family law case litigation. Feel free to refer to this blog as you navigate the family law case from the initial filing through the trial.

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Truth & Fiction in Hollywood’s Courtrooms

Some of Hollywood’s most entertaining stories are also the most misleading. This blog will explore legal scenarios from a few of our favorite movies and tell you what would happen if they took place in real life. Grab your popcorn.

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